Step by step the printing procedure

After agreeing on the printing specifications and the cost bidding, our customer service department receives digital files and proceeds to strict control.


Step by step the printing procedure

Having created the appropriate template using CTP technology, we develop the plate.


Step by step the printing procedure

We choose and prepare the suitable printing machine. At Ideas Print we can serve both small and big quantities.


Step by step the printing procedure

We continue by loading the plates on the printing machine and the inks on its cylinders.


Step by step the printing procedure

We feed the printing machine with the appropriate paper for the job and we adjust its size and weight.


Step by step the printing procedure

Having made the suitable adjustments, we proceed to the printing, while simultaneously perform continuous checks.


Step by step the printing procedure

We conduct continuous checks and fix any failure.


Step by step the printing procedure

Upon the printing completion, we move on to the finishing part where we may utilize different processes, such as binding, folding, plasticization, special cutting etc., depending on what the project requires.


Step by step the printing procedure

We finalize our projects by hand work, where required (e.g. Glueing folders).

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Ideas Print is a well-established company which has been dealing with printing projects and graphic arts for many years. George I. Tagas is the mentor of Ideas Print who was conveying his knowledge, expertise and advice since 1985 contributing significantly to the company’s successful path.  

The first professional activity of Taga’s Family in the printing industry dates back to 1947, when the grandfather Ilias G. Tagas founded and operated a small printing company in Omonoia. Its chief principles, which still remain until today, were: outstanding quality, consistency and immediacy in cooperation with the customers.

In 2011, the grandson Ilias Tagas having successfully completed his studies in Business Administration at London Metropolitan University and having attended Graphic Arts lessonsundertook the management of Ideas Print. During the same period, the company moved to new and modernized facilities of 1.000 sqm in Peristeri. 


To be a pioneer company in the national and regional printing industry investing on the sustainable business development in order to provide our clients with services and products that fully meet theirneeds andexceed their expectations. 


  • To produce and offer top printing services and products having persistence, devotion and commitment to outstanding quality.
  • To respect our clients and advice them with primary goal the achievement of qualitative, cost-efficient and innovative projects within budget and deadlines given.
  • To offer integrated pre-printing and printing services utilizing the most specialized and experienced peopleof the sector.

Our Values

  • To invest on the education of our workforce, on our facilities and equipment so that to fully correspond to the changing needs of the printing industry.
  • To operate with commitment to high quality, consistency, speed, flexibility and solvency.
  • To respect our customers andact as their printing consultants.
  • To apply and abide by high quality processes.
  • To offer towardsthe public good and apply eco-friendly practices.

We are capable of producing a wide range of projects such as publications, calendars, brochures, bags, packaging etc. as well as special and complex shapes. We operate according to ‘one shop stop’ concept providing integrate preprinting and printing services such as: design, digital montage using CTP technology, printing, finishing works, binding, cutting, fold, plasticization etc.

Have a look at some examples of our work and the printing process.

Our workforce consists of specialised and well-experienced technicians who have thorough knowledge of the printing industry and graphic arts. Our values and size allow us to operate as a teamwith commonvalues and vision servicing the art of typography for over half a century.